Laser Cut Pop-Up Christmas Cards.​

What makes the dainty, lace-like appearance of laser-cut cards possible is laser cutting technology. By using a CNC (computer numerical control) unit and a laser beam focused by laser optics, however expensive the technology is to acquire, operate, maintain, and service, a business can output new laser cut Christmas cards and holiday greeting cards that are unique and luxurious.
Since there are no dies involved in the making of laser-cut cards, the manufacturing of a new design can begin almost immediately, resulting in that a new order of cards can be fulfilled quickly. In fact, should there be an issue with an item in an order of cards, new adjustments to the files of the cards can be implemented quickly and easily. This is of particular importance with an order of holiday and/or Christmas cards, as there is always a time crunch before a major holiday like Christmas. Delays in the production and holiday order fulfillment of cards have to be avoided, as laser cut Christmas cards are a premium product category with which a business can lose a lot both financially and in reputation. Though there are built-in time buffers more often than not, in order to come out of every holiday successfully, cards, whether they are holiday cards or everyday cards, have to be manufactured on time.

In order to understand the value in UWP Luxe’s laser cut Christmas cards, let us look at the Pure Alchemy holiday greeting card AL076 Winter Envelope. New for the 2020 holiday season, this laser-cut Christmas item is a spray of winter foliage blooming from an envelope. Although it also features copper foil and the Christmas and/or holiday sentiment “merry & bright,” the highlight of this new item is the delicate holiday foliage with slight branches, dainty leaves, and delicate flower petals peaking out of a festive envelope with holiday colors. These features of this holiday design would not exist, if it wasn’t for laser cutting.

UWP Luxe has many other holiday and Christmas cards like the aforementioned Winter Envelope. In order to offer better holiday and Christmas cards than any other company in the industry, the creative team of the business embraces laser cutting, even if it means having to make trade-offs during the planning and design of holiday cards. Should you find yourself looking for a business that sells holiday cards such as the one described above, UWP Luxe’s business model guarantees that you receive the best new laser-cut cards there are.