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Laser cut cards for any holiday or occasion.

Thanks to the internet and other advances in technology, it’s more important than ever that greeting cards, stationery and home goods, offer what digital products cannot: tactility through a variety of media and sensory experiences, as made possible by different paper finishes, foils, embossing, light and sound effects, and at last but not least, laser cut details.

To distinguish itself and also make the most of paper as a medium, UWP Luxe’s creative team has made it its hallmark to design laser cut cards. However, the laser cut details aren’t at a cost to other embellishments. UWP Luxe products, including their laser cut cards and other stationery, sport special finishes, foils, glitter, and/or embossing to create unique products that offer consumers rich sensory experiences.

What do laser cut products offer that an alternatively manufactured ones don’t? Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut, bore, and engrave materials. It is by means of a CNC (computer numerical control) unit that the laser beam is directed through optics. Since the laser beam is focused by means of the aforementioned laser optics, the process results in intricate, highly-detailed patterns of negative space. In terms of laser cut cards and other stationery, such intricate areas of detail amount to products that appear dainty and luxurious. Unlike die cut products, laser cut products often appear cut by hand, offering the appearance of a more personal and valuable gift. However, the process of laser cutting does raise the price of the product. Die cutting is an age-old process that requires little else other than a person to operate the die cutting machine, which requires almost no fine-tuning and does not cost anything to operate in and of itself. With laser cutting, in addition to the cost of the labor of operating and fine-tuning the machine, there are costs associated with electricity as well as parts like the laser optics and exhaust systems, which cost a fortune to service and replace. At last but not least, die cutting machines are cheap to buy, whereas laser cutters retail for thousands, if not tens of thousands, of dollars.

Despite the challenges associated with offering laser cut cards and stationery, the creative team of UWP Luxe swears by the importance of the technique in accomplishing what few other greeting card companies have: creating products that are delicate but impactful.