The people behind the paper.

Our aspiration for UWP Luxe is to transform paper into beautiful designs and explore the possibilities of a modest medium. We strive to create products that resonate with the recipient.

Who we are.

UWP Luxe is a boutique line of pop-up greeting cards and stationery. We believe that paper, the humblest of mediums, holds so much potential. We hope the integrity of our beliefs shines through in all of our products, from elaborately foiled pop-ups to dainty details printed onto envelope flaps.

Our team and space.

Our creative team is housed in New Haven, CT inside a charming converted factory building; our loft is nestled amongst tinkerers and thinkers of all sorts. Our corporate headquarters are located in the office of Up With Paper, Mason, OH. We love what we do at UWP Luxe, and we thank you for letting us share our craft with you.