Premium Christmas Cards from UWP Luxe.

“Thanks to the Internet, advances in software, and the proliferation of digital photography, consumers today have a host of efficient and inexpensive options for keeping in touch. Highly personalized cards can be produced with a few clicks of a mouse and emailed without a bothersome trip to the post office. Or you can forget about the cards altogether and remain guilt free by reaching out to loved ones through social media or various other forms of digital communication.”

Luckily for greeting card companies as well as for wholesalers and retailers, people in America seem to want hold on to the tradition of sending physical Christmas and other holiday cards in place of digital solutions, be that a digital card or a message on any one of countless social media platforms. However, it can be argued that with these extremely convenient and efficient digital options now open to the masses, the burden of convincing people to continue to spend money and time on sending physical greeting cards now falls on greeting card companies.

Although it’s a substantial responsibility to bear for greeting card companies to inspire demand, it is also a great opportunity for them to offer their consumers premium cards that are practically gifts in and of themselves. For example, UWP Luxe’s luxury Christmas cards, with rights reserved for the brand and its variety of product lines, are unique in the strictest sense of the term. Wanting to offer cards and experiences like no other greeting card company, UWP Luxe’s card and stationery designs are carefully vetted by a multitude of teams, creative and otherwise, to ensure that the final cards, whether for Christmas, some other holiday, or everyday occasion, are immaculate and groundbreaking for their product categories as well as for the greeting card industry as a whole. This, of course, couldn’t and wouldn’t happen without the creative team’s knack for creating designs that are meant, from their conception to their production, to be gifts, keepsakes, and collectibles as well as greeting cards.

Ultimately, by making the exchanging of greeting cards a tactile experience by creating luxury cards that are beautifully ornamented with different finishes, foils, embossing, lights, and sounds, UWP Luxe is a savior to the industry. Through this new approach, the greeting card industry can catch a well-deserved break and continue to thrive in a new, and hopefully more enduring way.